• Snap Hoop Monster for Baby Lock or Brother 8" x 12"

Snap Hoop Monster for Baby Lock or Brother 8" x 12"


The Snap Hoop for heavy-duty projects that need a monster grip!

Experience the effortless one-step method to hoop and align heavyweight fabrics. The secret of this magnetic hoop is in the patented design. And now you can have the Snap Hoop Monster - 4x's stronger to handle heavier fabrics! It's perfect for

  • Terry cloth
  • Bulky fleece
  • Quilt sandwiches
  • Heavy fabrics
  • Continuous embroidery
  • Allover embroidery

Easily make adjustments to heavy hooped fabrics. The Snap Hoop Monster is easy to use and offers pain-free hooping with no hand strain! Stop hoop burn and master allover embroidery and multiple hoopings. With the Snap Hoop Monster you can stitch all the way to the edge of your fabric.

Snap Hoop comes with a flat magnetic top and flat metal bottom frame. Simply lay the fabric over the bottom frame and snap the top frame in place! Voila! The fabric is secured. Snap Hoop handles knits, wovens and even quilt sandwiches. 

Snap Hoop Includes: 

  • One metal base frame with machine attachment 
  • One magnetic top frame 
  • Four adhesive centering rulers 
  • Step-by-step instructions 
  • Target Stickers™